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Cooks Venture sells a proprietary heirloom breed of chicken that is healthier and more biologically balanced than conventional breeds, resulting in both significantly better animal welfare and strikingly superior taste. The chickens’ slower-growing nature, pasture-raised environments and regenerative agriculture relationships provide additional differentiating attributes in the poultry market. Cooks was established by a group of farmers, cooks and food professionals who decided to build a new food system animal-by-animal, plant-by-plant, meal-by-meal.
Copper Cow is a Vietnamese coffee company focused on ethical sourcing and sustainability. Working closely with farmers, Copper Cow improves the quality of their beans, stewardship of the environment, and upward economic mobility. The company is also continuously working to reduce its environmental footprint by utilizing recyclable and compostable materials.
We do this by providing real-time factual information regarding the changing risk status based on testing and monitoring data. Our CONTROL-PRO solution automates EMP, Product Testing and Sanitation programs across all of a food supplier’s facilities, allowing remote access and management from any browser enabled device. Our integrated analytics aggregate and visualize all relevant information, while continuously monitoring data flows and providing tailor-made and up-to-date alerts regarding food safety performance across the enterprise.
Culture Biosciences develops automated bio-reactor that helps biotech companies optimize their manufacturing processes and brings products to market faster. The company also builds automated tools for fermentation. It has a digital bio-manufacturing platform to enable scientists to run, monitor, and analyze bio-reactors faster than traditional approaches by robotic sample handling and cloud data monitoring and analysis.
Descartes Labs is a geospatial intelligence company with science and technology at its core. Launching out of Los Alamos National Laboratory in 2014, we build models of the earth to power the analysis of the world’s largest physical systems. Our data science and software solutions create new sources of operational advantage for Agriculture, CPG, and Mining companies. Descartes Labs is headquartered in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and has a presence in New York City, San Francisco, Washington D.C., and Denver.
At Full Harvest, we are defining how technology is used to solve one of the world’s largest problems — food waste. Our B2B marketplace is the first to connect food and beverage companies with farms to buy surplus & imperfect produce.
Geltor is the biodesign company that audaciously imagines and deeply explores all the possibilities that the tree of life has to offer. With customer benefit at the fore of each step of the creative process, Geltor has created the largest selection of designer proteins that are crafted with unparalleled biocompatibility and functionality. These proteins are 100% animal- and GMO-free, globally scalable, and sustainably cultivated. Geltor’s products are the result of endless curiosity and ceaseless optimization, clinically demonstrated for high performance.
Indico Data transforms unstructured data into actionable insights. With the AI and ML-powered Indico Unstructured Data Platform™, enterprises of all sizes can automate, analyze, and apply unstructured data – documents, emails, images, videos and more – to a wide range of enterprise workflows. This enables them to gain rich insight and maximize the value of their existing software investments, including RPA, CRM, ERP and BI, by enabling these systems to work with unstructured data.
Leaf's universal farm data API helps developers build a better food system.
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Nuritas combines artificial intelligence and genomics to discover and unlock natural Bioactive Peptides with extraordinary health benefits.
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Phylagen is a San-Francisco based biotech company unlocking the potential of the indoor microbiome - the ecosystem of viruses, bacteria and fungi that inhabit the places we live, work and play. Led by Dr. Jessica Green, a founder in the field of indoor microbiology, Phylagen’s team of internationally recognized scientists combine microbial genomics and data analytics to solve complex problems like pandemic management and supply chain verification. Phylagen has been recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer and featured by national media outlets including Bloomberg, Businessweek, TODAY, Fast Company and more.
Sandbox Industries provides Venture Capital and Collaborative Investment Vehicles.